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This is a short prototype made in early to mid 2017 for a university module.  It is the first 3D game I worked on and was also the first time I had used the Unity Engine.

Game Description:

"You wake alone in a room with four walls and no exit.  Only a key hangs on the wall, framed by a message of regret in startling red.  Upon flicking a light switch in the corner, you are taken to a film studio, your prison revealed to be a set.  By solving puzzles and following the path the absentee director left for you, you begin to unravel the story three people had to play in a tale of magic and heartbreak - and how the hell you fit into all of this anyway."

There are of course many things I would like to change about this prototype, most especially the structure, writing and puzzle hints in order to make things much clearer to the player, however, this is the project I handed in for my module.  Ultimately I hope it will stand as a goal post for my future games to surpass.

As of this time the prototype only contains a rudimentary version of two of a planned four initial acts, which may be added in an updated or revamped version, time permitting.

Unity's Adventure Game tutorial was used as a base upon which the game was built.  All 3D modeling, 2D images and texturing were done by me in Maya and Clip Studio Paint respectively.


"Wounded" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Install instructions

Download the .zip file and extract.  Open file and click on the .exe to play.


FinalTakePrototype.zip 27 MB


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I hope development continues, there are so many questions I have! :)